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Recent activity

  • 2094762989 - Telemarketing Call

    “Caller id came up as CBRE (Coldwell Banker Richard Ellis). Caller hung up without leaving a message.”

    Submitted on May 28,2022 09:34 PM
  • 9013557197 - Scam Caller

    “They call at night even on the weekends, especially like this memorial day weekend tonight without leaving a voice-mail!”

    Submitted on May 28,2022 09:10 PM
  • 2282571050 - Telemarketing Call

    “Paul was very rude with me and just hung the up twice on me”

    Submitted on May 28,2022 06:18 PM
  • 2155970898 - Texts / Fax / Voicemail

    “Called number back to check and machine asked for social security number”

    Submitted on May 28,2022 06:14 PM
  • 2027476691 - Unknown / Other

    “Stop calling me”

    Submitted on May 28,2022 05:21 PM
  • 6134086689 - Prank Call

    “I really don't know this number keeps calling me”

    Submitted on May 28,2022 05:10 PM
  • 8338308071 - Unknown / Other

    “Repeat calls from this place. I have never called, or asked for hearing aids, needs, wants, none of it. Scammers trying to get ? They left voice message to "Plus back at 833-223-5317 from 8am to 5pm pacific standard time thank you and have a great day"”

    Submitted on May 28,2022 04:42 PM
  • 6508420227 - Scam Caller

    “Lost dog reward SCAM”

    Submitted on May 28,2022 03:56 PM
  • 8779100501 - Scam Caller

    “This guy I spoke to said to me at&t wants me to verify my email. I said why? He asked me if I pay my bill online I said no. He said just do that. I called At&t back at this number and the woman I spoke to said that it's a scam alot of people that have at&t are getting it she said just block the number.she said we only call customers about a bill if necessary not email addresses. The guy told me to verify my email. I didn't do it. He knows my name and address.”

    Submitted on May 28,2022 02:11 PM
  • 5873150778 - Unknown / Other

    “This number keeps calling my phone i answered then they hang up”

    Submitted on May 28,2022 12:24 PM
  • 9376864925 - Scam Caller

    “Caller ID showed up as "OHIO CALL" Caller only let phone ring like 3-4 rings & hung up.”

    Submitted on May 28,2022 11:36 AM
  • 6477940594 - Scam Caller

    “647-794-0594 beware of scammer and registered s*x offender...”

    Submitted on May 28,2022 10:12 AM
  • 9043125197 - Bill Collector

    “Said there was an outstanding debt, need to call it else action would be taken. I have a common enough name and used to get calls for someone with a different middle intial (based on talking to them). Never been to Florida, much less lived there, and I'm pretty sure my ID protection company and the credit agencies would have shown the debt last time I checked, so 99% sure it's a scam and 100% it's not me. I'm not sure if it was a robocall or not. They used my name seamlessly, but the robocalls could be getting better. Plug: check out Scammer Payback, Kitboga, Jim Browning, Pleasant Green, and other channels. They deal with mostly computer alerts rather than calls, but it's eye opening (and amusing) to watch their videos as they combat scammers.”

    Submitted on May 28,2022 12:24 AM
  • 4073966573 - Unknown / Other

    “F**k person”

    Submitted on May 27,2022 11:20 PM
  • 2565065600 - Unknown / Other

    “Calls, does not speak, then hangs up”

    Submitted on May 27,2022 10:10 PM
  • 7075263081 - Unknown / Other

    “He claims to want to reach out and help you with any SPAM problems you might be having. Hung up without talking to him for very much longer after that.”

    Submitted on May 27,2022 09:20 PM
  • 7175393549 - Unknown / Other

    “Calls in early evening and never leaves a message- very annoying”

    Submitted on May 27,2022 08:38 PM
  • 9052974305 - Scam Caller

    “A scam”

    Submitted on May 27,2022 08:32 PM
  • 7752511608 - Unknown / Other

    “My phone is a DNC#”

    Submitted on May 27,2022 08:19 PM
  • 4342142694 - Prank Call

    “Calls me multiple times and leaves the same message. "Don't leave the toilet seat down."”

    Submitted on May 27,2022 08:03 PM
  • 2012770976 - Unknown / Other

    “calling a DNC#”

    Submitted on May 27,2022 07:56 PM
  • 7752434947 - Unknown / Other

    “Calling a DNC#”

    Submitted on May 27,2022 07:54 PM
  • 2172753792 - Scam Caller

    “Press one is you did not authorize a payment of 1499 for an Mac book at amazon”

    Submitted on May 27,2022 07:10 PM
  • 9737189644 - Telemarketing Call

    “Received 4 calls today from this number. Never leaves a mesaage and calls within minutes of the last call.”

    Submitted on May 27,2022 06:28 PM
  • 9372810226 - Scam Caller

    “Caller didn't have the nerve to leave a message on my answering machine.”

    Submitted on May 27,2022 06:20 PM
  • 2054280342 - Company / Organization


    Submitted on May 27,2022 03:42 PM
  • 6788974563 - Scam Caller

    “Harami ha”

    Submitted on May 27,2022 03:41 PM
  • 9563029277 - Scam Caller

    “Caller id came up as PORTFOLIORECOV. One of their many phone numbers they uses.”

    Submitted on May 27,2022 03:23 PM
  • 6475176071 - Scam Caller

    “I get a call from FedEx about package delivery, it's likely a scam that is hitting the valley.”

    Submitted on May 27,2022 03:13 PM
  • 2048959340 - Scam Caller

    “Government of Canada re fraudulent activity on SI #”

    Submitted on May 27,2022 02:41 PM
  • 5012479878 - Prank Call

    “Caller left a 3 word message "Go F..k yourself". It was a male voice. The voice was unknown to me.”

    Submitted on May 27,2022 02:39 PM
  • 7136545430 - Unknown / Other

    “This number shows to be the Entex Credit Union, however, it has been disconnected. Recording says that my Centerpoint Electric bill is unpaid and service is scheduled for disconnect within 45 minutes. All bills are current, both electric and gas. Scam caller - very annoying. I blocked the number and have gotten the same recording from three more numbers.”

    Submitted on May 27,2022 02:31 PM
  • 9146829531 - Telemarketing Call

    “F**K UP”

    Submitted on May 27,2022 02:26 PM
  • 2173508344 - Unknown / Other

    “Would not identify who or what the organization was.”

    Submitted on May 27,2022 02:21 PM
  • 7134973000 - Unknown / Other

    “Saying that my service will be terminated in 45 minutes. We do not go through Reliant or Centerpoint for our electric billing - and our bill is current.”

    Submitted on May 27,2022 02:19 PM
  • 8438651696 - Unknown / Other

    “Caller id came up as "Potential Spam and MmH".”

    Submitted on May 27,2022 02:02 PM
  • 2195449104 - Robo / Automated Call

    “Unknown robo caller from LaCrosse, Indiana. Did not answer.”

    Submitted on May 27,2022 01:45 PM
  • 9703964208 - Unknown / Other

    “Received a call from them at 09:31 that was not answered.”

    Submitted on May 27,2022 01:09 PM
  • 6048175676 - Unknown / Other

    “These calls are really getting to be a pain! I didn't bother listening to anything but who it was from, then just hung up. I get calls like this a few times a month and no matter how many times I block these calls, they still keep coming. GRRRR!!”

    Submitted on May 27,2022 01:05 PM
  • 3016495581 - Scam Caller

    “did not answer”

    Submitted on May 27,2022 01:01 PM
  • 6309314800 - Bill Collector

    “They none stop call me. It's everywhere day and sometimes more then one in a day. At the same hr everytime. It's always at the 10am hr. I'm on night shift. The calls from them, wake me up. I'm a wildland firefighter. I do not appreciate them harassing me constantly, and I do not appreciate them waking me up by their harassing calls. I need my sleep so that I can go on the fire well rested. It has potential to put my crew and I in danger without the given sleep I need. This needs to stop immediately. I'm considering contacting my attorney to let them deal with this matter. I'm completely irritated and over it!”

    Submitted on May 27,2022 12:53 PM
  • 3013401193 - Unknown / Other

    “did not answer”

    Submitted on May 27,2022 12:45 PM
  • 7579670000 - Unknown / Other

    “6062484683 79”

    Submitted on May 27,2022 12:25 PM
  • 8476232768 - Scam Caller

    “Harassing phone calls”

    Submitted on May 27,2022 12:24 PM
  • 3013403746 - Unknown / Other


    Submitted on May 27,2022 12:14 PM
  • 4845507903 - Spam Call

    “My phone blocked the call. It was marked as "low spam risk". The call was sent right to voicemail. It was a 27 second recording about, my auto warranty running out.”

    Submitted on May 27,2022 11:43 AM
  • 3013408057 - Company / Organization

    “did not answer”

    Submitted on May 27,2022 11:25 AM
  • 8605590789 - Unknown / Other

    “Well I was on the phone talking with the "Cloverdale, Indiana" branch of the real "Internet Service Provider of the Endeavor Communications", this number which actually belongs to another family with the last names "Simons" & "Weston" is being provided as this current "Newington, Connecticut" resident "Nancy Brennick" who doesn't own this number which now wants to talk about our "Merchant Account Services with Discover Card"! NOW that company is located out in "Salt Lake City, Utah" & NOT in "Newington, Connecticut"! I'm actually glad that I didn't have time to take this unknown call like this out of the blue since this seems to be reported as a "Discover Card Services Account" SCAM FRAUD!”

    Submitted on May 27,2022 09:22 AM
  • 8015402479 - Unknown / Other

    “Hi, I would like to delete my public profile, plus any information your company may be holding about me. Thank you!”

    Submitted on May 27,2022 09:21 AM
  • 8782018319 - Scam Caller

    “BEWARE -- this text was sent: CITl Fraud: Your online banking is restricted. To regain your access, kindly click the link to validate and update your personal information”

    Submitted on May 27,2022 08:30 AM