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Recent activity

  • 7633076334 - Bill Collector

    “Male voice left a message saying "I'm actually calling to inform him now." Did not give his name or company name. Calling back gives a recorded message talking about tax debt settlement. Could not reach a human operator.”

    Submitted on January 17,2022 01:36 PM
  • 7322819299 - Scam Caller

    “he use a lot of abuse language and he said he want my account number;; and when i said i don't wanna give you personal information he abuse me and he said i will be come at your home to f**k you ,, so i am really worried about it please take a action about him”

    Submitted on January 17,2022 01:17 PM
  • 8129173245 - Scam Caller


    Submitted on January 17,2022 12:45 PM
  • 7864220202 - Texts / Fax / Voicemail

    “text message reporting a ""significant event at Mount Sinai" from Vanguard Rheumatologist Partners? no further details to prompt you to call”

    Submitted on January 17,2022 11:59 AM
  • 6314500322 - Unknown / Other

    “speech was incoherent and then it hung up; was a male voice”

    Submitted on January 17,2022 11:57 AM
  • 7016602356 - Scam Caller

    “i was scammed by this number, they got access to my computer, posed as a call number for Amazon fraud on my credit card. Person named Ronald .”

    Submitted on January 17,2022 11:56 AM
  • 4048571932 - Unknown / Other

    “2 calls within one hour. no message left”

    Submitted on January 17,2022 11:54 AM
  • 5027533393 - Unknown / Other

    “Answered and no-one said anything”

    Submitted on January 17,2022 11:40 AM
  • 9373539506 - Scam Caller

    “all my answering machine got to record was: ....."Dollars on a gift card. Please press 1 to redeem your giftcard." I got this same recording a few mins ago from this number: 937-260-4206”

    Submitted on January 17,2022 11:36 AM
  • 9372604206 - Scam Caller

    “Recording had been going & by time my answering machine started recording, all it got was........dollars on a gift card reward.”

    Submitted on January 17,2022 11:05 AM
  • 6185795108 - Unknown / Other

    “Have asked them to stop calling several times over perhaps 4-5 months with no result.”

    Submitted on January 17,2022 10:59 AM
  • 2393523023 - Unknown / Other


    Submitted on January 17,2022 10:47 AM
  • 2815286006 - Scam Caller

    “Scam / Fraud / Harassment. Dropped Scam / Fraud / Harassment probing call. Not a recording. A dim-witted, filthy, unwashed, casteless, scamming loser caller. CID: Spring TX”

    Submitted on January 17,2022 09:08 AM
  • 6137044487 - Scam Caller

    “The person with this number claims he stays in Canada and has subsequently opened an office called Vixcabass companies limited in Ghana and he's using the number to fraud people with the lie that he can help them relocate to Canada on a work visa”

    Submitted on January 17,2022 07:43 AM
  • 2024058888 - Unknown / Other

    “Says they are google with verification code. I did not request a code. This is a Fraudulent call. 2 calls at 12 a.m. waking everyone up.”

    Submitted on January 17,2022 03:17 AM
  • 7316140579 - Scam Caller

    “Took a picture off Google and tried to scam me”

    Submitted on January 16,2022 11:40 PM
  • 9043237484 - Harassing / Threatening

    “This person (Yosry Abdellah) somehow found me on facebook, and called me at 4am on Sunday 1/16/2022 and I saw the missed call in the morning. He then texted me asking me about my music and I asked him how he got my number and he sends me a screenshot of his Google search he did on me at which scares me. I tell him I don't know who he is and to send me a screenshot of his Facebook profile, which he did. When I saw that, I blocked his number and his profile on Facebook. I get a text message on WhatsApp moments later and it's him! He then texts me "and thanks for blocking my number it's not good thing bye ?? " and I feel threatened and unsafe.”

    Submitted on January 16,2022 07:09 PM
  • 9373853704 - Scam Caller

    “...issues with the service or feel the bill is too high, press 1 to speak to a feed back agent. Otherwise hang up the call. Calls from multiple phone numbers with same recording”

    Submitted on January 16,2022 05:22 PM
  • 8173021494 - Unknown / Other

    “Wanna sell me diet pills”

    Submitted on January 16,2022 04:59 PM
  • 9373620837 - Scam Caller

    “25-30% discount on your elec & gas bills. Press 1 to avail this opportunity or press 2 to keep paying higher bills. This recording comes from multiple phone numbers”

    Submitted on January 16,2022 03:56 PM
  • 9132242857 - Unknown / Other

    “Caller didn't have the nerve to leave a message on my answering machine”

    Submitted on January 16,2022 03:02 PM
  • 2674359953 - Unknown / Other

    “Don't know if it's a person or survey- I don't answer.”

    Submitted on January 16,2022 10:00 AM
  • 8882064766 - Unknown / Other

    “VM left with very little details given. Gonna like so just go ahead and call me back so I can give you the details just to know that the program does have limited openings is on a first come first serve basis. So just call back soon to finalize the details. My number is 888-206-4766 and anyone can help you out just in case I'm busy with someone who can help you out and we'll talk soon.”

    Submitted on January 16,2022 05:28 AM
  • 8142274928 - Texts / Fax / Voicemail

    “Received several messages”

    Submitted on January 16,2022 01:48 AM
  • 8147627973 - Prank Call

    “Calls all day long”

    Submitted on January 15,2022 10:10 PM
  • 9036039402 - Scam Caller

    “Have called every 5-10 minutes for the past 2 hours. Clearly a scammer using someone else's landline phone number.”

    Submitted on January 15,2022 06:21 PM
  • 2813605317 - Scam Caller

    “Scam / Fraud. The Internet and/or Cable and/or TV bogus plans Scam / Fraud. Press-1 to be re-directed to a boiler-room operation infected with dim-witted, filthy, unwashed, casteless, scamming losers. Saturday call. CID: Texas Call”

    Submitted on January 15,2022 06:13 PM
  • 7733665094 - Unknown / Other

    “call 100 times”

    Submitted on January 15,2022 04:12 PM
  • 2815651329 - Scam Caller

    “Scam / Fraud / Harassment. The Amazon Security / purchase Notification scam / fraud. A suspicious charge in your Amazon Prime Account. Press-1 to talk to an Amazon Cyber-Security specialist, and you are re-directed to a boiler-room operation infected with dim-witted,stinky, unwashed, casteless, scamming losers. CID: Sugar Land TX”

    Submitted on January 15,2022 03:25 PM
  • 9857897894 - Unknown / Other

    “Two telephone numbers show up good names save me Gregory James BOURGEORIS that came from La 2 names Florida as well I don't know who these people are but I'm blocking them because I see they were complaints in the past I'm fed up with this stuff without a doubt”

    Submitted on January 15,2022 02:27 PM
  • 9197015103 - Texts / Fax / Voicemail

    “They text about furniture for sale and then kept harassing me for other phone numbers”

    Submitted on January 15,2022 12:42 PM
  • 2312620128 - Texts / Fax / Voicemail


    Submitted on January 15,2022 11:05 AM
  • 7736773977 - Scam Caller

    “f**k you son of b***h”

    Submitted on January 15,2022 10:29 AM
  • 918709937768 - Company / Organization


    Submitted on January 15,2022 08:11 AM
  • 2062662882 - Unknown / Other

    “Please Remove Off Amazon's Call back list”

    Submitted on January 15,2022 07:49 AM
  • 2605440603 - Unknown / Other

    “This person has been contacting me for years (stalking me) since 2019. He texts me multiple times with out me answering and has been doing this forever even if I don't answer. He just recently started calling me too. He send very inappropriate pictures and messages.”

    Submitted on January 15,2022 12:56 AM
  • 9403006104 - Unknown / Other

    “Call marked as Potential Spam by Carrier”

    Submitted on January 14,2022 10:13 PM
  • 2812595419 - Scam Caller

    “Scam / Fraud / Harassment. Dropped Scam / Fraud / Harassment probing call. Not a recording. A dim-witted, filthy, unwashed, casteless, scamming loser caller. CID: Pinehurst TX”

    Submitted on January 14,2022 09:51 PM
  • 9518241757 - Texts / Fax / Voicemail

    “Keeps texting and calling me and with different numbers tired of this person keep calling and texting me”

    Submitted on January 14,2022 09:22 PM
  • 2523651318 - Scam Caller

    “asking for me using a name of Britney Johnson ect scammers just hang up report to do not call”

    Submitted on January 14,2022 08:10 PM
  • 4127094233 - Unknown / Other

    “f**k in her p***y and grab her b***s”

    Submitted on January 14,2022 07:23 PM
  • 8043183455 - Telemarketing Call

    “Multiple calls telling me that she has questions about my property and that we need to talk, that it is "important but not urgent."”

    Submitted on January 14,2022 06:31 PM
  • 2813689932 - Scam Caller

    “Scam / Fraud / Harassment. The Spectrum TV bogus plan scam / fraud. Recording states to represent Spectrum TV, to offers bogus TV plans, and instructs to Press-1 to speak to a sales representative. Press-1 re-directes to a boiler-room operation infected with dim-witted, filthy, unwashed, casteless, scamming losers. CID: Houston TX”

    Submitted on January 14,2022 05:32 PM
  • 2815600576 - Scam Caller

    “Scam / Fraud. The Internet and/or Cable and/or TV bogus plans Scam / Fraud. Press-1 to be re-directed to a boiler-room operation infected with dim-witted, filthy, unwashed, casteless, scamming losers. CID: Houston TX”

    Submitted on January 14,2022 04:54 PM
  • 7472029364 - Company / Organization


    Submitted on January 14,2022 04:48 PM
  • 8165759250 - Unknown / Other

    “When asked to not call this number, the service representative was rude, cussed at me and hung up.”

    Submitted on January 14,2022 04:32 PM
  • 8183968016 - Bill Collector

    “scam artists with Oscars trophy pretend to be credit bureau”

    Submitted on January 14,2022 04:24 PM
  • 7183568997 - Scam Caller

    “he is very dirty talking to us”

    Submitted on January 14,2022 03:58 PM
  • 8887140540 - Unknown / Other

    “They call from different areas of the country.”

    Submitted on January 14,2022 03:50 PM
  • 4328473029 - Telemarketing Call

    “ADT using this number to push security installations.”

    Submitted on January 14,2022 03:46 PM